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Pan-Express Travel is ready to take you to the vacation location of your dreams. A simple call to our office is the first step to that exotic location calling out to you. Perhaps it's a trip to Hawaii, or the Caribbean, to get away from the cold weather; or maybe a trip to Europe and the British Isles to explore your roots. Wherever you wish to go, the travel consultants at Pan-Express Travel are here to guide you to your destination. We can book the trip, look after the hotel arrangements, book you a car if desired, and side trips to wherever you want to explore. Mike, Christine and Dennis are here waiting to ensure your next holiday is a wonderful experience. Give us a call.

Service Passports
You should have a valid Canadian passport for all trips outside Canada. Due to increased scrutiny of international travellers by airlines and immigration authorities around the world, Canadian citizens attempting to travel to Canada without a valid Canadian passport will be subject to additional verifications that may delay or prevent travel.

A passport is the only document acceptable worldwide that proves both who you are and that you have a right to return to Canada. Some countries do not require a passport for entry but do require photographic identification (such as a driver's licence) as well as proof of Canadian citizenship (such as a birth certificate or citizenship card). This varies from country to country.

However, the only reliable and universally accepted document for identification is a passport. Carry one and keep it protected at all times.text goes here
Service Visas
You need a visa to enter many foreign countries. The requirements and processing times for your visa will depend on what you intend to do while you are abroad: visit, study or work.

Pan-Express Travel provides the information you need to determine whether you need a visa, how to obtain one before your departure, and how to renew or change the status of your visa while you are abroad.
Service Important
is standing by to assist you with passport and visa requirements. We've been providing this service for many years and will assure your satisfaction.

Your passport is a very valuable document, please be sure it is in a safe place at all times, and if it is ever lost or stolen, immediately notify the nearest Canadian Embassy.
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