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The Greatest Day
"This adventure takes you into the very heart of Antarctica. Flying in from Cape Town, you can experience the last great wilderness on earth in just a single day!"

Trip Description
The private aircraft leaves Cape Town and will carry you on this unforgettable journey. Fly 5hrs over the immense Southern Ocean passing into the 24hr sunlight of the Polar Region. A carpet of icebergs below become thicker as you near the white continent. Landing on an ice runway is an experience in itself with white snow stretching into the distance. You will be one of the few who have stepped foot on Antarctica. Not off a cruise ship or an island off the coast, this is the unexplored interior - a place reserved for scientists and polar explorers. 

Specialty transporters will take you across the ice to the Shirmacher Oasis where you will hike amidst giant ice waves, and crawl into dazzling blue ice caves. The weather is normally mild at -5C with bright sunshine, so good winter boots and coat will keep you warm. A guided walk will go to the highest point offering views of nearly 90km to the mighty ice barrier on the coast. Enjoy a champagne lunch with fantastic food freshly prepared and flown in from Cape Town. If the weather is good the lunch will be outside amidst the spectacular desolation. Take a few last photographs with your guides (real polar explorers) before boarding the plane. Compare photos, swap stories with your fellow adventurers, and savor the memories of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Private Jet to Antarctica
Shirmacher Oasis
Cape Town
Cape Grace Hotel
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